Our Approach

Our business model links technology, problems and needs in the world, and converts brilliant research ideas into technological solutions in form of competitive products and services. We achieve these by:

  1. Identifying viable high impact opportunities in forms of problems, needs and challenges facing businesses, organizations, and people.
  2. Scouting for promising technology and intellectual capital to meet the identified needs and problems.
  3. Facilitating the development and adoption of the technology as competitive solutions to the needs or problems.
  4. Handling the intellectual property, licensing, customer discovery, and customer development to facilitate technology commercialization and widespread adoption.
  5. Identifying key stakeholders and fostering strategic partnerships for launching new products into the market.

Key Competencies

  1. Opportunity identification and assessment
  2. Technology scouting
  3. Expert team formulation
  4. Project management
  5. Market analysis and customer development
  6. Prototype development
  7. Licensing and new venture creation